legal-trainingJinks’ rare opportunity to specialize in Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability law has provided him with a thorough knowledge of these two areas of law. His experience and invaluable insights allow him to train other attorneys seeking to practice these areas of law. Jinks currently offers seminars detailing every necessary aspect of creating a successful Utah Worker’s Compensation law practice.

In addition, Jinks has started three successful law practices in two different states during his 30+ law career. His depth of knowledge and breadth of experiences accumulated during years of starting, managing and marketing three successful law businesses provide him the unique ability to train other attorneys to be successful in their businesses. Jinks presents law practice seminars that include a comprehensive overview of everything an attorney needs to know and do (and avoid doing) in order to successfully begin a law practice. Recently Jinks also sold part of one of his law practices. His success in doing this, and his realization that instructing other attorneys on how to do the same, have encouraged him to provide a seminar on how to sell a law practice.

Jinks is a passionate teacher; his seminars are filled with anecdotes, humor, and opportunities for audience participation. Jinks often receives standing ovations following his seminars, a rare occurrence in a room full of attorneys in a State Bar office.

Jinks also offers intensive, one-on-one coaching sessions for individuals or small groups. Jinks has personally mentored more than 25 lawyers in Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability law and General Litigation. Jinks will tailor the content, length of, and number of coaching sessions to the needs of each individual. Coaching sessions are available in person or via Skype.