Ribbon with Name dateJinks enjoys speaking to various audiences with the intent to not only educate but also to entertain. Jinks has been a member of the Utah Trial Lawyers Association as well as Toastmasters International for over 25 years. Jinks is also a member of the National Speakers Association, has received numerous speaking awards in Toastmasters and continues to win many local, district, and area speech competitions.

Jinks provides entertaining, educational, thoughtful, and engaging keynote speeches. He has an inherent love of speaking and a captivating story-telling style that is interesting and fun. Jinks presents on a wide variety of topics and customizes each keynote speech according to the needs of the organization. Jinks also presents as a Master of Ceremonies with quick humor and an edge of excitement! He strongly believes a meeting should be fun and never be allowed to go overtime.

As a trial attorney, Jinks observes the benefits of being able to express oneself with confidence, clarity, and conviction. Jinks is sympathetic to those fearful of speaking in public and those who are hesitant or too busy to improve their presentation and communication skills. Communication and presentation skills can mean the difference between getting the promotion, winning a case, presenting an idea, or locking in an account. Jinks’ life revolves around his ability to speak in public, yet he fought hard as a young adult to overcome stuttering and shyness. After gaining public speaking experience while on his college debate team, Jinks won awards in Moot Court during law school and became a trainer for fellow students. Jinks has continued since then to be a mentor to many others, including other professional speakers as well as those fearful of speaking in public.

jinks-speakingJinks’ passion for public speaking is contagious; he seeks every opportunity to help others realize the importance and simplicity of learning these skills. Jinks presents custom-designed, interactive training programs to small groups of people seeking to improve their public speaking skills. Jinks’ seminars provide opportunities for attendees to practice their skills and receive targeted feedback. He believes powerful communication and presentation skills come from implementing simple concepts, and then practicing them over and over again.

Jinks tailors each program’s length and number of classes according to the needs of each group or organization. He presents 4-hour, 8-hour, and 16-hour programs, depending on the intent of the organization or individuals. These seminars are for groups of 20 people or less.

Jinks also offers intensive, one-on-one coaching sessions for individuals or small groups (four or less). Jinks will tailor the content, length of, and number of coaching sessions to the needs of each individual. Coaching sessions are available in person or via Skype.